Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Football Stars and Marlboro

By John Turney
In the early late 1950s and early 1960s Marlboro had a series of television commercials that featured some All-time greats in their home stadiums reminiscing about great games and plays and also enjoying a Marlboro cigarette.

So settle back and enjoy the commericals.

Included in the series was Charlie Conerly:


Additionally, Marlboro sponsored the Sporting News Player of the Year Awards and Rookie of the Year Awards and here is a 2:30 ceremony that features Johnny Unitas presenting the 1960 awards to Norm Van Brocklin and Gail Cogdill:

Marlboro also had a few ads that featured their New York Giants salesman, who had off-season jobs as a product rep for Marlboro cigarettes:

Don Chandler:

Lindon Crow, Sam Huff, Don Chandler, Jimmy Patton, Dick Modzelewski:

And to be fair, we added Frank Gifford in a commercial for Lucky Strikes:

Times have changed haven't they? Back then football stars were used by the tobacco industry to try and hook people, likely younger fans, to their deadly product.

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