Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Eternally Stupid Putrid Network: Watch Some Film Before You Write

By TJ Troup 
"Night Train" Lane with the Cardinals
My disappointment with the three senior finalists is NOT the reason for this very short story. Leave it to ESPN to state that Ken Riley has the second most interceptions by a corner in league history to Richard Lane. 
First question, how much film of the Chicago Cardinals in 1954 did you watch? My book, The Birth of Football's Modern 4-3 Defense: The Seven Seasons That Changed the NFL, states "Richard "Night Train" Lane played all four positions, yet he is usually the right safety the first half of the year, and left safety the second half". 

He intercepted 10 passes to lead the league, and of course, I can go back and see how many of the ten passes he pilfered were at corner, and safety, yet no doubt he had more than four at safety, thus Riley had more interceptions as a corner than Lane. 
Ken Riley
Will the laziness at ESPN ever end?


  1. I stopped watching ESPN years ago except for live games I want to see that it holds hostage. The modern Disney Empire ruins everything it touches.

    1. From Brian wolf ...

      Glad to see youre commenting again Rasputin. Hopefully Bachslunch will as well. A great day to be a Chuck Howley fan ...

    2. Agreed, Brian!!

  2. From Brian wolf ...

    TJ, what are your thoughts on Klecko and Riley ?
    A knee injury in 1982 might have taken away some of Klecko's pass rush ability but did you believe he played well as a DT/NT ? Other players commented on his strength like John mentioned but was he too injury prone ?

    I watched some of Riley but did he ever tackle or cover really well or just a great ballhawk ?
    He had to have been good enough to play so long but overrated/underrated ?

  3. Riley wasn’t even the 2nd best db for the Bengals. Casanova and Parrish were better. Been watching the NFL since 1971 and Klecko was as dominate interior lineman as Howie Long or Dan Hampton , but just a shorter peak due to injuries.