Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Stats You Need to Know: Run/Pass Stuffs plus Sacks

by John Turney

Pro Football Journal's Nick Webster has painstakingly recorded and organized statistics that are sometimes ignored and sometimes just not know and one of the most significant is run/pass stuffs. Since 1992 Stats, LLC., has recorded run stuffs, running plays that result in a loss.

However, they for some reason, don't publish, at least to the general public pass stuffs, which are pass plays, other than sacks, that result in a loss. With NFL using so many wide receiver screens these days the number of these pass stuffs are increasing. And if an offense is in a 2nd and 11 down/distance situation due to a great play by a corner on a "smoke" screen, it is worth noting.

With that introduction, here are the Sacks plus Run/Pass Stuff leaders for 2015, going into Week 17.

Graphic: Pro Football Journal
J.J. Watt leads the NFL (again) with 15 run/pass stuffs (14 run and 1 pass) plus his 14.5 sacks for a grand total of 29.5 plays behind the line of scrimmage. Mark Barron leads the NFL with 17 run/pass stuffs. Aaron Donald is third with 24.5 total plays behind the line of scrimmage and is likely to give Watt a run for his money in the Defensive Player of the Year voting, as might Khalil Mack of Oakland.

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