Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vikings Unveil New Uniforms for 2013 Season

By John Turney
Source: Vikings Website
The new Vikings uniforms actually look good. We got a glimpse a while back when Nike showed all the uniforms in a mass release but we got a closer look late in April.

The Vikings and Nike, in a team release, made this statement "The Vikings new uniform is a modern twist on the team's classic look. Reflecting on a culture of toughness, simplicity, and detailed craftsmanship, these unique characteristics give the Vikings uniform a renewed distinction."

Yes, it's a load on B.S. but it seems like this is happening a lot with new Nike uniform releases. Maybe they just like to hear themselves talk. But this time as we mentioned, they did pretty well.

There is a hint of the "new" and the "old" if you will. The numbers, those in the 'left-hand" column have the design of the "bow" of a Viking ship. The numbers on the right-hand side are normal. Our only gripe is that single-digit numbers should have the "bow" effect as well. We called the Vikings and asked what that was and they just said "that's just not our font".
Source: Vikings Website
Says who? Nike. Oh well, it's not that big a deal.

The helmet has a matte finish and the mask is black. We'd have preferred a purple mask, but again, that's a small detail.
Source: Vikings Website
Here are the Nike "talking points" released by the Vikings PR staff last month.

“There’s a harshness to the environment in Minnesota and it really creates a strength within those who live here,” said Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway. "The new uniforms are simple and powerful, and this design truly feels like us. I couldn’t be more proud to wear it this season.”

Another quote from the release, "The Nike Elite 51 uniform gives us a highly innovative, performance-led canvas to really tell the Viking story,” said Todd Van Horne, Nike’s Global VP and Creative Director for Nike Football. “This new design is a modern representation of the Viking culture and makes a simple, yet powerful statement.”

“I’ve worked closely with Nike designers for years to provide input on the way this uniform should be built,” said Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. "The way a uniform fits really does matter when you’re out there on the field. I think fans will love the new design – it’s the way a Viking is supposed to look.”

The Vikings last changed uniforms in 2006 though it does not seem that long ago to us. This is an upgrade and think it will be around a while.

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