Thursday, September 24, 2015

49ers Rap - The Team of the 1980s and Other Music Video Oddities.

by John Turney

Maybe we all though the Chicago Bears "Super Bowl Shuffle" was the only scourge to our visual and audio senses in the 1980s. Well, we were wrong. Though not as well publicized as the Bears, other teams tried their hand at the arts. We proudly present several we've found over last few months,

In this first video the 49ers Roger Craig, Jerry Rice and many other of the 49er greats displayed their musical, ahem, acumen.

However, the 49ers were not the only offenders, performers of the 1980s that doubled as NFL players. The Los Angeles Raiders added this gem, "Silver and Back Attack". We wear the Silver, we wear the Black, Don't get in our way, better listen to what we say, we rock the stadiums with all our might, that what we do, we'll be coming back for you. And who would argue with Howie Long.
Are we done? No, the Los Angeles Rams had their version of this classy art form and it was entitled "Ram It".  What could be more clear of a football message than Dennis Harrah's "I am a mountain man from West V-A, they call me "Herc" and I came to play and I learned long ago if you ram it just right you can ram it all day and ram it all night." Pure poetry, no?
Can we see another one? Not to be outdone, the Miami Dolphins added their iteration from "Corey and the Fins", It follows the music of  MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This" and cleverly altered the lyrics to "Can't Touch US". Genius.
Cleveland Browns "Masters of the Gridiron"
The Eagles did this one called "Buddy's Watching You"
Dallas Cowboys "Livin' the American Dream"

The Chargers did a soulful song called "Let's Go All the Way"

But the most publicized and the ones who actually followed through on the boast of getting to the Super Bowl and doing the Shuffle.

So, if there is a day where you get tired of "Out of Control Beard" Andrew Luck on TV, remember it could be worse. A lot worse!

P.S. If there are others out there that need another airing, let us at Pro Football Journal know. We will gladly assail your ears again and again.

Update: Thanks to Pro Football Researchers Association member Matt Reaser, we add the Seattle Seahawks "Locker Room Rock". While not a rap, it is quite a piece of work!

Without further adieu:

Finally, the Cowboys did a Holiday song—

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  1. I have the VHS (not a copy, the actual VHS they sold) of the Seahawks 1985 "Locker Room Rock", cool cover ...

    Featured players: Edwin Bailey, Chuck Butler, Bob Cryder, Danny Greene, Mark Hicks, Michael Jackson, Norm Johnson, Kani Kauahi, Randall Morris, Paul Moyer, Adam Schreiber, Terry Taylor, Mike Tice and Byron Walker.

    Proceeds benefit Project S.O.S. for North African relief.