Sunday, November 15, 2015

Peyton Manning's last 16 games.

Looking Back
by John Turney
Credit: Score
Peyton Manning's woes Sunday have been a culmination of a 16-game span that can only be rivaled by his 1998 rookie season. It led to his benching in Sunday's game versus the Kansas City Chiefs in Denver.

Here are Manning's passing stats in the last 16 games he's played.

Certainly we are seeing the winding days of a Hall of Famer career, but what will unfold over the next few weeks is if it is the end of that career. Will our final views of Peyton spark memories of Willie Mays in the 1973 World Series or Joe Namath on a rainy Monday night in Chicago in 1977.

We shall see.

For short comparison oft-criticized Sam Bradford seems to have turned a corner, though he is, again, injured with concussion and possible left shoulder injury.

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  1. Father time, undefeated. I cannot help feeling that the change in offense under Kubiak has something tk do with it thiugh, that said Kubiak's relationship with Elway is longer than Peyton's.