Monday, February 13, 2017

Combined All-Decade Teams - 2000s

Things You Can Never Lay Your Hands On
By John Turney
Logo for the Official HOF All-Decade Team
The number of groups picking All-Decade is just five for the 2000s. The Pro Football Hall of Fame, Sports Illustrated (picked by Paul Zimmerman), Peter King of MMQB, Pro Football Reference, USA Today, ESPN, and FOX (chosen by Alex Marvez).

We compile this so as to show that there are other teams worth looking at. While the HOF picks will always have more gravitas, on occasion they make mistakes. One example is Ronnie Lott being on the All-1990s team. As great as he was, playing a few years in the 1990s really wasn't enough to be an "All-Decade" player in our view.

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