Thursday, April 26, 2018

Jacksonville Jaguars Improve Their Uniforms. A Little.

By John Turney
For the second time in five years the Jaguars have unveiled new uniforms. They are better this time, but still, you'd think they'd be great after last time. Still, we give them a "C". Last time we gave then an "F".

The helmet was fixed. No more gradient. The font is still an issue on some numerals where they are open, particularly the '4s'. The colors are good.

So, they get a passing grade, but not a good one.

The Jaguars said the new kits were "an old-school look that matches the team’s blue-collar identity."

Jacksonville's owner Shad Khan says that the new unis are "(T)rue to our current identity and what we want to represent for years to come, our new uniforms are no-nonsense, all business and unmistakably Jaguars. Tradition has returned to Jacksonville".

Wait, Mr. Khan. What happened to the "future" you told us about five years ago? After just five years we're going back to the future?

The Jaguars executive VP of football operations Tom Coughlin said this—
 "I wanted to see the return of tradition, I wanted to see the distinctiveness, I wanted the shiny black helmet with a beautiful Jaguars logo. I wanted to be represented that way. Just exactly how I've explained it: the classic Jaguar uniform."
To a player, the uniform means everything. Because when you put that uniform on you not only represent your franchise, your team, your community; you represent your family. You represent your parents, your wife, your children, everything packed into one because your name is on the back of that uniform.”
If that is the case then these are better than the old uniforms. Not by a lot, but by enough but still do not match the originals the Jaguars wore. Those were the best.  

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