Saturday, September 28, 2019

2019 New England Patriots — No TD Passes Allowed So Far

By John Turney
According to Pro Football Reference through four games of a given season, twelve teams have allowed zero touchdown passes. Through three games in 2019, the Patriots have allowed no opposing touchdowns and can become the 13th team to allow no touchdown passes through four weeks.
Of course with Ben Roethlisberger being injured in game one and the Dolphins and Jets (Sam Darnold out with mono) the strength of offenses they have faced it not exactly top-shelf. 

The 1972 Packers and the 1988 Browns both went through seven games into their respective seasons before allowing an opposing touchdown passes. We 100% doubt that the Pats can make it to week eight without allowing a passing score with the passing game as it is today, but they certainly have a to extend their streak to four games tomorrow, but it will be much tougher versus the 3-0 Bills.

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