Friday, March 18, 2022

Carlos Dunlap and JPP—Will They Make The Sacks Century Club?

 By John Turney 
Carlos Dunlap (L) and Jason Pierre-Paul (R)
Jason Pierre-Paul and Carlos Dunlap both entered the NFL in 2010 and both are nearing 100 career sacks. Will they make it?

Bard to tell. Dunlap had a nice recharge-type year with 8½ sacks in 2021 and is under contract for 2022. Pierre-Paul is a free agent and though he was a Pro Bowler in 2020 his production dropped in 2021 and we've not heard his name much in this free agency period so far, though plenty of teams need pass rushers.

Oddly, both players have similar tackle numbers, sack numbers, stuff numbers, passes defended numbers, forced fumble numbers, and similar fumbles recovered totals and both have two pick-sixes and one scoop-and-score. 

For whatever reason, a three-digit total of 100 or more sacks just looks better than 90-something. We'll see if these players can reach that milestone in 2021.

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