Tuesday, March 29, 2022

1959 Pro Football Journal All-Rookie Team

 By John Turney and TJ Troup 
So much information on this era is contained in there it is like a reference book of the 1953-59 seasons.

The 1959 rookie crop was not as strong as some of the previous seasons we've covered in this series. The quarterbacks were particularly weak. However, there were some standouts as well. 

The Rookies of the Year were a tie between Nick Pietrosante (The Sporting News) & Boyd Dowler (UPI). In the second half of his rookie year Dowler caught 27 passes in St. Vince's running offense which is very IMPRESSIVE.

Tackle J.D. Smith was outstanding as a rookie starter for the Eagles.

The Defensive Rookie of the Year, in our view, was Dave Baker by a hair over Richie Petitbon. The 49ers had two fine defensive linemen in tackle Monte Clark and end Charlie Krueger. 

John LoVetere is the fourth Rams defensive lineman we chose for First-team All-Rookie since 1954 and none of them lasted very long in Los Angeles.

One all-time nugget—rooks Tom Franckhauser & Eddie Meador tie for the team lead in interceptions with three—when did two rookie corners ever tie for the team lead? It can't have happened too often.

Tommy Davis is our kicker and punter, a Paul Zimmerman favorite he could boom them the San Francisco weather conditions and did so for a decade.

The teams—


  1. How much speed did Petibon have and could he range deep?

  2. Have a special place for John LoVetere, as I met him once and dated his daughter in TN. John Unitas felt he was a quality lineman as well for different teams.

    Alot of players on this team who have HOF cases including Dowler, Randle, Davis, Pettibon, Meador and Parrish as a player advocate/contributor. Dial had a case until going to Dallas where his career died. Guys, how good was Floyd Peters as a player ? Did the Browns get rid of him too soon which seems to be the Paul Brown way ?

  3. ....hey Alen Bailey, thanks for responding! Early in his career Richie P. showed a burst of speed, and with his instincts and long strides covered plenty of ground. By '68 seeing him in the Coliseum against the Rams he was still one helluva run stopper, and still a fine pass defender since he was savvy/smart. Dooley did not like him, and he still played solid football for the Rams, and 'Skins under Allen. He is one of my all-time favorites. Have a letter from him that I cherish, and he was really entertaining in interviews for Steve Sabol. Is he Hall of Fame caliber....no, but damn close. You win with guys like Richie P.