Monday, July 24, 2023

New York Jets Reveal Their "Legacy" Uniforms

 By John Turney 
The Jets revealed their throwback uniforms calling them "Legacy uniforms" and they, like many of the other uniform reveals are excellent. They are reflective of the uniforms that the Jets began wearing in 1978 and continued through 1989. After that, they kept the same elements but added black facemasks and trim.

These are true to the Richard Todd, Mark Gastineau and Joe Klecko era. The white facemask contrasts really well. It's a matter of taste but have always felt white masks work on red and green helmets more than on blue, white or dark red, or black. 

White masks looked good on the Chiefs, Bills, Jets, and Vikings but on Rams a few years ago they were awful. They work well here—
These get an  "A". Score another win for the good guys on the uniform front.

Some more shots.


  1. For the first time since 1997 the Jets will wear helmets that actually have a jet design somewhere.

  2. Great! I've always loved that logo.

  3. BW ...

    Prefer the old 60s style, Namath-era helmet

  4. I agree, the best Jets uniform is the classic one that Namath and the Jets wore when they won Super Bowl III.

    1. BW ...

      Watching Testeverde wearing the throwback helmet and uniform back in 1998, there were times he looked like Broadway Joe throwing the football, coached by Charlie Weis, who still doent get enough credit in Tom Brady's development as a pocket passer, yet the Jets couldnt get by the Broncos for the SB. I believe they would have beaten Atlanta in the SB and Tuna may have never left ...