Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Rams Kevin Demoff Says Rams Will Not Introduce a New/Throwback Jersey This Year

By John Turney 
On The Athletic's "11 Personnel Podcast" which features hosts Jourdan Rodrigue and Rich Hammond Rams  COO Kevin Demoff said the Rams will not make any changes to their uniforms in 2023.

They had announced they were going to add a jersey in 2022 but did not due to supply chain issues related to COVID. 

Now Demoff told Rodrigue and Hammond—
"We're not going to introduce a new jersey this season. We looked at a lot of different concepts over the past year and none of them felt like the right jersey to introduce. You know, at this time, at this moment, whether it was looking at true alternates or throwbacks from different concepts historically, there was nothing that seemed like a great fit. We've always made it clear that we have the ability to add new uniforms. We also said we’re not going to add a uniform for the sake of adding a uniform.”

 It seems, perhaps, that supply chain issues were not the issue.

He added—
"I think that’s really where the group landed this year and I think we feel very comfortable with the uniforms we have in the closet right now. Especially with last year’s change of making the white uniform our primary away uniform.

 I don’t think next year we’re necessarily on a different track. I think we'll continue to explore. A different idea would have to pop up next year than what we’ve already explored. You know, I think the earliest we’re probably looking at is 2025."

Ultimately it's a source of interest, a source of pride for our fans, you know, it's important to make these decisions with thought and with care to the brand." 

Demoff mentions 2025. That is interesting in that is the year they are able to rebrand. A team can change uniforms five years after each change. The Rams did a major rehaul in 2020 and have to wear them for five years, through 2024. 

So, this could be a hint that there could be a lot of changes that year. 

Or not. 

Demoff talked about throwbacks and suggested the current uniforms are too similar to the 1973-99 kits that something for the "1950s or 1960s" would have to be what is considered for that and said that was a possibility.

His commentary could be about throwbacks not a complete redesign for 2025. It is hard to know with any certainty with him.

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