Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The NFL Illustrations of Sandy Huffaker

By John Turney

The 1977 Pro Football Special of Sports Illustrated featured some really fun images drawn by cartoonist Sandy Huffaker. Back in the day, when it was often an illustrated magazine, cartoonist like Huffaker and Jack Davis, among others, were often featured. It made the magazine unique and different from some of the others at the time.

We hope this may inspire SI to commission an artist to do similar things for the current NFL. We'd like to share those with our readers who may have never seen them or may remember them as fondly as we do:

The following two-color illustrations are likely Huffaker's but we found no credit for them in the article or the table of contents. If they are not Huffaker's we apologize and would love to know who did them if it was not.

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