Sunday, September 9, 2018

Homages to Franchise History

By John Turney

In the Sunday Night Football game on September 9, 2018, Bears rookie head coach Matt Nagy aligned his team in a T-formation and after the game said he did so as an homage to the Bear franchise.
Nagy's T-Formation Tribute
In 2011 Rob Ryan, then in his first season as the Cowboys defensive coordinator showed a Flex formation as an homage to Tom Landry and the defense he invented in the early 1960s.
Rob Ryan's Flex Homage
Ryan ran his tribute in the first preseason game and Nagy showed respect in the regular season. We compliment both for the efforts, though neither ran it more than one time as far as we know. We'd love to see if the Flex or the full house T-formation could work these days. Maybe next year.

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