Monday, January 4, 2021

2020 PFJ All-Rookie Team

By Chris Willis
NFL Films

These are the best of the best rookie for 2020—
The Justins—Herbert and Jefferson

OROY- Justin Herbert, QB, Chargers; Justin Jefferson, WR, Vikings 
(tie, too tough to separate)

Chase Young

DROY – Chase Young, DE, Washington Football Team

The rest of the selections—


  1. Rookie Receivers underachieved except for Jefferson and Claypool.

    Learning experience for Tua but Taylor did a great job. After 200 yard game against Jax, will he be effective against the Bills ?

  2. Since the super bowl era beginning in 1970 roughly 9000 receivers have played. That's 6 receivers per team approximately 30 teams for 50 years. Only 4 that's Four rookie receivers have had over 1300yards their rookie year. Thats .00044 approximately That's 1 in 2500 players do this. Herbert did well but Jefferson was the best which the in 50 years or 1 in 10000, players. Herbert isn't even close to this.