Thursday, January 14, 2021

Runnings Backs Total Yards From Scrimmage—Jim Brown Still Number One

By John Turney
Art Credit: Geroge Bartell
After all these years Jim Brown is still first on a list of yards per game rushing and yards from scrimmage and touchdowns rushing and receiving per 16 games as well. 

We've made this chart per sixteen games because we like seeing it that way, but it could be yards per game or per 14 games or 12 games but we chose 16 games due to the current (soon to be defunct) schedule length.

Yes, to include Gale Sayers we made the minimum games to qualify 60 but that could also be altered to 100 or 70 or whatever you wish. 

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So, though Brown's career marks have been broken, the per-game marks still stand, which is remarkable, no?

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  1. The number #1 back of all-time on most people's list, though I prefer Payton.

    I know Brown is superior to Gilchrist but it would be interesting a Tale Of The Tape between the two, in their prime.

    I am basing my guesses on what I have seen on film/tape and read from sources, though John, Coach Troup, Nick, Ken, Jeffrey and others might know the answers ...

    Bigger Back ... Gilchrist
    Faster ... Brown
    Quicker ... Brown ?
    Powerful ... even
    Runner ... Brown
    Receiver ... Brown
    Blocker ... Gilchrist
    Versatile ... Gilchrist
    Meaner ... even ?
    Team players ... Gilchrist
    Selfish/Moody ... even
    Winners ... even

    Both liked money, we can only speculate would Gilchrist could have been for the Browns or another NFL team from the beginning of his career.