Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Hall of Famer Senior Nominee—Ken Riley

 By John Turney 
Ken Riley, a collegiate quarterback (at Florida A&M), transitioned well to cornerback in the NFL. He was a fifteen-year starter and intercepted an impressive 65 passes which are still tied for fifth all-time.

He was First-team All-Pro once and a Second-team selection twice, light for a Hall of Famer, but it is probable that his production as an interceptor and the Bengals lack of representation (and an upset fanbase) in the Hall that got him over the top in yesterday's senior committee meeting. In January is he a shoo-in to receive 80% "yes" votes and be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Riley, who passed away in 2020, in all likelihood will be elected by the full Hall of Fame Committee when they vote "yes" or "no" on all three of the 2023 senior nominees. It is not common for a Senior Committee's recommendation to be rejected. So, Riley will take his place among the best-ever at his position and get his Gold Jacket.

Hall of Famer Mel Blount said this about Riley in 2021, "He played it as well as anybody, even including myself,” Blount said. “He played tremendously all of those years. It’s an injustice, not only to the Hall of Fame but to guys like myself who are in the Hall of Fame."

“The Rattler”, Riley's nickname, will soon make his mark with Hall of Fame induction.

Ken Riley's stats and post-season honors—


  1. From Brian wolf ...

    Congratulations to Ken Riley.
    A fanbase day to remember.

  2. not even the best CB on the team he played on....oh well.. Bengals finally get their 2nd PFHOFer. woooo hoooo, I guess....

  3. From Brian wolf ...

    Nick, TJ and Jeffrey ... What are your opinions on Riley ?
    Did he deserve to be in the HOF ?