Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Why Getting Starting Lineups Right is Important

By John Turney

A while back we mentioned that it was good (at least preferable) to get the starting lineups correct in team releases. Here is the reason why—In an article posted today on the Los Angeles Rams website the following phrase appears:

The issue is Smart didn't start at " 3-4 defensive end or a nose tackle through four games". However you would think he did if you read the Rams release. It shows the following:
It shows no starters at nose tackle, and one column is "DT/OLB/DE" while the previous is "DT/DE". In addition to being inaccurate, it's confusing and it is no wonder the author of the article on the Rams website made the error.

Here is what the positions should be and who started the game in those positions.
So, the bottom line is it matters to get the media releases right because the media counts on that information to write articles and posts. In this case, it was one of their own, but next time it could the LA Times or the Orange County Register or someone else.

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