Saturday, April 13, 2019

Foreign-born NFL Kickers

By John Turney
Back in the day publications like NFL Gameday or Prolog would list the birth countries of kickers and it was always fascinating to us as to how many different countries were represented. Of course, now many players other than kickers are foreign-born and we will cover that at some point, but now we just want to update the lists we saw in our youth. It was like every team had to have a foreign kicker and they were from Latin America, Europe, even Africa. It was really kind of cool for us.

So, we've updated the list. Enjoy.

Morten Andersen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Gary Anderson, Parys, South Africa
Sebastian Janikowski, Walbrzych, Poland
Nick Lowery, Munich, Germany
Jan Stenerud, Fetsund, Norway
Eddie Murray, Halifax, Canada
Steve Christie, Oakville, Canada
Mike Vanderjagt, Oakville, Canada
Ray Wersching, Mondsee, Austria
Graham Gano, Arbroath, Scotland
Raul Allegre, Torreon, Mexico
Shaun Suisham, Wallaceburg, Canada
Garo Yepremian, Larnaca, Cyprus
Lawrence Tynes, Greenock, Scotland
Fuad Reveiz, Bogota, Colombia
Tony Zendejas, Curimeo, Mexico
Luis Zendejas, Mexico City, Mexico
Max Zendejas, Curimeo, Mexico
Roy Gerela, Sarrail, Canada
Rafael Septien, Mexico City, Mexico
Pete Gogolak,  Budapest, Hungary
Charlie Gogolak,  Budapest, Hungary
Toni Fritsch, Vienna, Austria
Martin Gramatica, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bill Gramatica, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Horst Muhlmann, Dortmund, Germany
John Smith, Leafield, England
Chester Marcol, Opole, Poland
Efren Herrera, Guadalajara, Mexico
Mick Luckhurst, Redbourn, England
Nick Mike-Mayer, Bologna, Italy
Steve Mike-Mayer, Budapest, Hungary
Neil O'Donoghue,  Dublin, Ireland
Donald Igwebuike, Anambra, Nigeria
Cairo Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Uwe von Schamann,  Berlin, Germany
Bobby Howfield, Bushey, England
Benny Ricardo,  Asuncion, Paraguay
Frank Corral, Chihuahua, Mexico
Toni Linhart, Donawitz, Austria
Fred Steinfort, Wetter, Germany
Jose Cortez, San Vincente, El Salvador
Rich Szaro, Rzeszow, Poland
Ian Howfield, Watford, England
George Jakowenko, Charleroi, Belgium
Jerry Kauric, Windsor, Canada
Tom Birney,  Bellshill, Scotland
Obed Ariri, Owerri, Nigeria
Giorgio Tavecchio, Milan, Italy
Vince Abbott, London, England
Ian Sunter, Dundee, Scotland
Bjorn Nittmo, Lomma, Sweden
John Lee, Seoul, South Korea
Momcilo Gavric, Sinj, Croatia
Ola Kimrin, Malmo, Sweden
Wilson Alvarez, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Younghoe Koo, Seoul, South Korea
Joaquin Zendejas, Curimeo, Mexico
Sergio Albert, Mexico City, Mexico
Sandro Vitiello, Broccastella, Italy
Mirro Roder, Olomouc, Czechoslovakia

Colin Ridgway, Melbourne, Australia
Darren Bennett, Sydney, Australia
Jordan Berry, Essendon, Australia
Lac Edwards, Hastings, Australia
Tom Hackett, Australia
Zenon Andrusyshyn, G├╝nzburg, Germany
Michael Dickson, Sydney, Australia
Brad Wing, Melbourne, Australia
Jon Ryan, Saskatchewan, Canada
Cameron Johnston, Victoria, Australia
Mitch Berger, Kamloops, Canada
Ken Clark, Southampton, England
Hank Ilesic, Edmonton, Canada

Guys that can fool you (born in the United States)
Florian Kempf
Ali Haji-Sheikh
Rolf Benirschke

Yes, we know, we made a bigoted assumption based on surnames. We had never looked them up until today, so go ahead, throw stones at us, we deserve it.


  1. John, the depth of your knowledge on all things pro football is astonishing, but I think you missed one.....isn't Colin Ridgway 1965 Cowboys from Australia the first foreign punter?

  2. Momcilo gavric was born in sinj croatia not senj croatia. Senj is a different city

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