Monday, April 15, 2019

Jets the Ninth Team to Have New Uniforms in the "Nike Era"

By John Turney
Nike took over as the NFL's exclusive uniform provider in 2012. Since then nine teams have revamped their uniforms—Seattle, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Miami, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Detroit, Tennesse, and now the Jets.

The Jets are on the upper-end of our grades, but that is not a high-bar. These new togs are more of a throwback to the late-1970s-80s--90s Jets look than a Nike-inspired overhaul, but there is some Nikefication in them.

Jets Team president Neil Glat told the media that the new colors were "Gotham green, spotlight white, and stealth black" though the trade name in the logo slick the NFL provides is "evergreen, black and bright white, for whatever that is worth.

Our only objection is the lettering on the front reading "New York". It's superfluous, just like Nike as it turns out.
Unnecessary lettering in our view
Once again, the players, of course, love them. Said safety Jamal Adams, wearing all black: "The uniforms are beautiful. If you don't like 'em, I don't know: maybe you need to grab a drink or something. Because these uniforms look damned good."

“It’s a new energy,” safety Jamal Adams said. “It’s a new era, and everybody’s excited about it. It’s just a different swagger, man. It’s something that this team needed. Obviously, the past years haven’t gone well, way before me. Just to have something new, a fresh start, new coaching staff It’s what we need.”

“I love them,” wide receiver Quincy Enunwa said. “A lot of old-school people are going to have to let it grow on them. You’re used to one image for so long. ... But I think the majority of guys love it. I love it.”

We will see if they last. They are not offensive but they don't inspire either. Again, we give them a "C".

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