Saturday, August 24, 2019

Report: Andrew Luck Retires from NFL

By John Turney
ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Andrew Luck retired from football at the age of 29. Presumably, it is due to the injuries he's suffered and perhaps the lack of being 100% physically. We will know more in the next few hours and days.

Oddly, Jim Brown and Gale Sayers also retired at age 30 and 29 and both of them were first-ballot Hall of Famers. Brown's last season was played when he was 29.

It will be interesting to see if Luck will get similar consideration. He missed 2017 due to injury and had a fine 2018 season. Here are, courtesy of Pro Football Reference his career stats:
He had three 30+ touchdown pass seasons and four 10+ win seasons. We would doubt he'd be elected in the first ballot but it's too early to say he'll not be the thrid Colt quarterback in the Hall of Fame.

We'll know in five years.


  1. "We'll know in five years"

    I'd be floored if Luck was a first ballot HoFer and have doubts that he ever gets in at all. Other than retiring at 29, I see no comparison between his case and Jim f'in Brown's. Sayers is a stretch, too. I think the better (really obvious) comparison here is to Bert Jones and Bert's still waiting for his call from Canton.

  2. Similar thoughts, can't let his resume in the HOF. He could have/should have if things had been different. But that was the case for a lot of players.

  3. My feeling is, Luck will be back, but with another team, when his health is better, though the Colts retain his rights. Like Bert Jones, having an Irsay owning your team, has its ups and downs.