Monday, January 25, 2016

Jeb Bush and the Jacksonville NFL Franchise

by John Turney

The Milwaukee Journal - Aug 18, 1989

Doing a little research on a couple of former Bears linebackers, one who is coaching in Super Bowl 50 and came across this. Some of the veteran media may remember it, but this one escaped me. Jeb Bush and Hamilton Jordan heading a group to get the NFL to Jacksonville, which failed because he was not directly involved with the later group that was successful.

Then again, it was 1989 and I'd never heard of Jeb Bush and all I knew of Jordan was his alleged dalliance with the 1970s disco drug of choice. At the time I did know of George W. Bush's partial ownership of the Texas Rangers.

Apparently, after Jeb helped his father George H.W. Bush with his presidential campaign, he turned back to politics, rather than sports. In 1994 he lost the gubernatorial race to Governor Lawton Chiles but in 1998 he was elected governor of Florida and in 2002 he become the first Republican governor to win re-election in Florida.

Wonder what he's doing now.

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