Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tom Brady's Career, Part A and Part B

by John Turney
Credit: Score Cards
Prior to 2007 Tom Brady was already on the way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he'd won three Super Bowls, twice was the MVP of the Super Bowl, had been a Second-team All-pro and plenty of great offensive passing numbers. However, beginning in 2007 something happened.

In 2007 the Patriots offense, led by Josh McDaniel in his second year as offensive coordinator, greatly benefitted by adding wide receiver Randy Moss and slot receiver Wes Welker. And after Moss moved on, massive tight end Rob Gronkowski stepped in as a go-to guy.

Beginning in 2007 Brady's offensive production skyrocketed (see charts below), and he was an AP/PFWA/NEA Most Valuable Player, made First-team All-pro twice, and is now looking for his fifth Super Bowl win. There were to two stumbles in the Super Bowl losses to the New York Giants, but as with all of the Patriots Super Bowls, it seems, they could have each gone the other way.

It may be a small thing, but when it is noted how different the statistics look, it really is a tale of two careers, going from an 88.4 quarterback rating passer and an average of 12-4 record to 101.6 passer rating and a 13-3 average record.

Chart: Pro Football Journal

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