Sunday, January 10, 2016

HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Winning on the Road in the NFL Playoffs

by T.J. Troup

Since the NFL-AFL merger  in 1970 there has been at least one road victory every year in the divisional round to the Championship round of the playoffs.

The playoffs this year, though, are off to a significant start as all four road teams won. The current  format sets up for these already weary road teams to again travel again next weekend; but face the four seeded teams.

The Chiefs travel to Foxboro to play a franchise that has a home record of 14-3 during the Belichick era. Denver has won 15 of their 20 home playoff games since 1977, while the Cardinals since moving to the desert, have won all three of their home playoff games.

The defensive passer rating can be a useful tool in evaluating the strength of a team. It is simply the QB passer rating applied to secondaries.This year 8 of the top 9 teams in this category made the playoffs, and the best (most efficient) team; the Carolina Panthers host Seattle (which finished 3rd in pass defense).

See below chart: Defensive Passer Rating
NFL Passer rating by team, from the defensive perspective
The Chiefs finished 2nd, and will need to be at their best against Brady, while the Cardinals finished 8th and will face a Packer team that finished 7th.  No matter who takes the snaps for the Black & Gold, that passer will face the 4th ranked pass defense. The divisional round has a strong group of top-notch passers facing secondaries that know how to play resilient/efficient pass defense.

Get the snacks & drinks ready.....will be an enjoyable watch for one and all.

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  1. Wow, 5 teams over 100 in dpr...and the Saints at 116! Who else but Rex would hire Rob in 2016?