Monday, March 21, 2016

The 1980s Had Great NFL Posters. Usually.

By John Turney

As the purveyors of all things mainstran and esoteric concerning pro football we want to cover the posters of the NFL over the past fifty years.

The first installment is of the New York Giants linebacker corps, which had at least two posters available in the 1980s, both funny, kitchy and terrific all at once.

The first is when Brad Van Pelt was still with the team  (entitled Crunch Bunch) and the latter with Pepper Johnson along with Carl Banks and L.T. (entitled Bad Fellas)

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  1. fav was done by Nike where traffic cop Nolan Cromwell hands out speeding tickets to a group of quality receivers; Largent, Lofton, etc....very cool.