Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Then, There are the Cringeworthy Jock Ads

By John Turney

Sometimes nostalgia does not make you smile, it makes you, well, glad it is not 1966.
Photographer: "Hey, Frank Gifford, you smile while Bobby Hull puts a pineapple on the Hawaiian kid's head. That won't be culturally insensitive in any way. Yeah, that's the ticket."

The vital data:
1966 Men's Beachwear Ad, Playboy, Hawaiian Villager Beachboy Swim Trunks with Sports Celebrities
 Amusing vintage 1960s Jantzen men's beachwear advertisement (Jantzen International Sports Club) - ad features, from left to right, Frank Gifford, Patrick Keawe Kahue (1934 - 2007, a local islander with the pineapple on his head), Bobby Hull, and John Severson. This print ad photo was taken at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, a tropical resort on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu.

Opening advert text:
"The Jantzen Hawaiian Villager beachboy tights - Note these spectacular adaptions of sleeping gear to garb appropriate to the beach; if you are either a sportsman or a dedicated sleeper, you are likely to be wearing one. They are colorful and comfortable, like a Tahitian Globetrotter basketball uniform."

Brief bios on the three celebrities featured in the ad:
Frank Gifford (born in 1930), was an USC All-American athlete, NFL MVP and All-Pro selection with New York Giants, Pro Football Hall of Famer, and CBS sports commentator. He is married to TV personality/talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford.

Bobby Hull (born in 1939) is a Canadian former ice hockey player; he is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time.

John Severson (born in 1933) is a legendary surf world writer, editor, publisher, photographer, filmmaker, and artist. He is best known as the founder of "Surfer" magazine in 1960, and is credited with creating "surf culture" and the surfing industry.

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