Thursday, December 3, 2020

Marlon Humphrey Gets Two More Forced Fumbles—Has Six For the Season

 By John Turney
Marlon Humphrey certainly is a "big play" cornerback. In four seasons he has eight interceptions, nine forced fumbles, two scoop-and-scores and so on.
Chart: PFJ
Yesterday he had two of those forced fumbles, taking his season total to a league-leading six and moving into a tie for third on our list of mist forced fumbles by a cornerback in a season. Peanut Tillman's ten is the most ever and seems unreachable, even for Humphrey, but we'll see. Humphrey had tied Tillman and Dave Brown for second-most.

Forced fumble records (in gamebooks) go back to about 1976 and we've found some before that but we're confident that this is a pretty complete list for those with five or more. There are quite a few with four, even a couple in the 1960s with four. 

So, we''ll monitor Humphrey and see if he can catch Tillman. 

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