Sunday, December 13, 2020

Jamal Adams Sets Single-season Sack Record for Defensive Backs

 By John Turney

It wasn't pretty, it was not a classic sack, Jamal Adams was not even blitzing on the play but he got credited with a sack and thus set the NFL record with 8.5 in a season by a defensive back. 
All that happened is the quarterback flushed left, and Adams, covering the right flat beat the quarterback to the sticks and helped him to a 1-yard loss. But, it was number eight-and-a-half. 

However, it counts and former Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson is now second on the list—
The sack also took Adams over the 20-sack mark, also rare for a defensive back—
Here is the all-time list, but as can be seen, Adams is averaging 6 per 16 games, and is in a class by himself. He should surpass Harrison in two years if he keeps up his current pace.


  1. Do you think Larry Wilson would be high on this list if they kept sacks back in his day?

  2. Rod Kush...2 different teams, 0 starts, appears twice on the single-season list! Any backstory?

    1. He was a nickel linebacker. He got his sacks, not really as a DB...we debated listing him. But good eye. He came in as one of the LBers in nickel, so really, it was nickel with 6 DBs and one of the DBs was hm as a blitzing Lber--much like Bill Bates was or some of the hybrid guys now.

  3. Dennis Smith was underrated and a great career ... Carnell Lake one of the most versatile safeties, ever ...