Tuesday, September 13, 2022

TUESDAY TIDBITS: What Have We Learned?

By TJ Troup 
There were some hard-fought games this past Sunday, and a couple of them had numerous twists & turns (Bengals vs. Steelers tops the list). 
Did we learn anything after one week? 

As a former gambler.—there were ten road favorites, and only three covered the spread—it's just damn difficult to figure out how strong teams are early in the season. 

Josh Allen completed 26 of 31 against the Rams in the impressive Buffalo victory, yet there was a passer 84 years ago that had an even higher completion percentage than young Josh, his name you ask? Why none other than Samuel Adrian Baugh. 

Having demonstrated his ability to throw accurately as a rookie in leading the 'Skins to the title in 1937, "Slingin" Sam is in Municipal Stadium in Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. 

The Redskins were attempting to win for the fourth straight time in Philly, and just before the half Washington was down 16-7. Baugh is smashed to the turf in completing a pass to Max Krause. Max dashes 57 yards to score. 

Baugh finishes the game completing 12 of 13. Krause had the best game of his career as he scores his only three touchdowns of the season. Krause on a reverse in the third quarter ambles 71 yards to put the 'Skins ahead, but here come the Eagles to again score and take the lead. 

Rookie tailback Bill Hartman replaced Baugh and completes a pass to Bill Young on a tackle-eligible play out of a spread formation (we see those a lot these days), but with an unbalanced line. Young trundles 62 yards to score the winning touchdown! 

No, did not see these highlights on Sportscenter, or the NFL Network, but boy oh boy would sure relish watching this game on DVD. 
Another passer who was deadly accurate was Brian Sipe, and thirty-nine years ago against the Lions, the former San Diego Aztec found four different receivers for his scoring passes in a 31-26 victory. After the game, Sipe had thrown 135 touchdown passes in his career and had established a new team record (surpassing Frank Ryan).

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  1. From Brian wolf ...

    Crazy game between Steelers and Bengals. Biscuit gets the win but if he played better, the Steelers might have won easily ... then again, if the Bengals long snapper hadnt gotten hurt, the Bengals win. Chase can be a great player but let two TDs get away from him ...