Tuesday, September 6, 2022

TUESDAY TIDBITS: Right Around the Corner

By TJ Troup 
Thursday night in Los Angeles we will see two very strong teams begin what is hopefully another terrific year in the NFL. Steve Sabol shared with me more than once, "Coach, there are 32 puzzles to solve."

My days of making predictions are never going to return, yet there are folks that write online, and in print magazines that attempt to do so. There is accountability when you make a prediction, and as in years past—there will be some of those writers that will get taken to task for making flawed predictions. 

The meat and potatoes will begin next Tuesday since games will have been played. That said, the column today will be a short one. For those of you who watched "Hard Knocks"...found this year's edition compelling, and interesting. 
Can Coach Campbell change the culture? Does he have enough talent in Detroit to actually win close games this season? Will Aaron Glenn put a cohesive secondary on the field this year? Until the Lions actually play efficient team pass defense they will continue to lose. 

Hopefully, you folks that read this column will continue to put your thoughts, and opinions in writing. Really treasure hearing from any and all of you. The Dallas Cowboys forty-one years ago today took on rookie head coach Joe Gibbs and dismantled the Washington 26-10 in their quest to earn a seventh consecutive playoff berth. 
Forty-one years ago today former Servite High School quarterback Turk Schonert came off the bench to lead the Bengals to victory over Seattle. One of the receivers who helped Cincinnati win was rookie Chris Collinsworth (4 catches for 65 yards). The days of Mr. Collinsworth catching passes have long since ended, but we will hear from him often this year and his insights into the game. 

The 1981 Bengals earned a Super Bowl berth and will end with a question for all of you...will the 2022 Cincinnati Bengals return to the Super Bowl?


  1. I do not think the Bengals will be back in the Super Bowl. They were fortunate to win their AFC playoff games last year. They played well but their opponents made some big mistakes. The Bills, Ravens, and every team in the AFC West could possibly defeat the Bengals in the playoffs.

  2. From Brian wolf ...

    Like I mentioned on the PFWA website, a young QB needs to change the narrative and lead his team to a championship. Since 2015, the only young QB to win it all was Mahomes and in that span, three veteran QBs have left their original teams, to win it all with another team ... Manning, Brady and Stafford. Even Foles, in a backup role, won it all for Philly after coming over from the Rams ... Will it be another veteran changing teams or can a young QB meet team and fan expectations and get it done?

  3. No. Of course I'm just playing the odds at more or less 16 teams to 1 spot....did you see the SI piece on whether Aaron Donald is the greatest defender in history? It's a reasonable question I think, but according to SI, pro football started in 1980....there is one (ONE) reference to some guy named Alan Page (who must have played for Latrobe or someplace), but nothing regarding anyone else prior to that foundational date of 1980.....I wonder what I was watching as a kid?....and YouTube has some curious things of men in leather helmets....odd....