Tuesday, September 27, 2022

TUESDAY TIDBITS: "Is a Dream a Lie if it Don't Come True"

By TJ Troup 
Art credit: Merv Corning
The Chicago Bears finished second in their division in 1948 with one of the best non-play-off teams ever, and a very motivated group of grizzlies traveled to Green Bay to open the 1949 season on September 25th. The three Packer passers that afternoon (Girard, Jacobs, and Heath)threw 13 passes during the game with nary a completion in the Bears victory. 

A very strong Packer team traveled to Tampa on Sunday the 25th 73 years later, and the Packer passer....some guy named Rodgers completed 12 of his first 13 passes for 120 yards, with two going for touchdowns, and no interceptions (a passer rating of 144.7). The impressive start by the Packer offense was just enough to capture victory. 

 Offensively philosophy is transitioning from the old adage of controlling the ball to one of we gotta score. 

The Rams & Dolphins did not take nearly as many offensive snaps as their opponents on Sunday, yet came away with the victory. As the season progresses will follow this stat to see if last Sunday was the exception, or as stated above the league is in a time of philosophical transition. 

When the expansion Vikings first played at home at the "Met" in 1961 against the Lions they lost 37-10, and Detroit continued to win as they would go 5-1-1 the first seven times at Minnesota. Since then Minnesota has beaten Detroit at home in 44 of the last 55 games (80%); including the come from behind victory on Sunday. Began this narrative with history, so, let's go back and visit another. 

On September 25th, 1988 coach Bill Walsh is in his tenth and final season as head coach of the 49ers. San Francisco has won 32 of their last 42 road games and is on the road again.....this time in Seattle. The Seahawks will average 130 yards rushing a game for the season, but today they will gain only 29 yards on 12 attempts against San Francisco's multiple front defense. 
Art credit: Merv Corning
Joe Montana completes 20 of 29 passes for 302 yards (his 19th 300-yard game) and 4 touchdowns. Jerry Rice latches onto 6 passes for 163 yards (his 15th one hundred-yard receiving game in his last 35 games), and 3 touchdowns. Montana and Rice strike twice in the 3rd quarter on scoring passes of 69 and 60 yards. The explosive 49er offense gains 580 total yards in the 38-7 victory. For the sixth consecutive season under Walsh San Francisco will earn a playoff berth. 

 Every team after three weeks believes they will have a successful season in 2022, thus the title of this narrative comes from Bruce Springsteen's "The River".

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