Sunday, September 12, 2021

Chandler Jones' Five Sacks—Third-most Ever on Opening Day

 By John Turney 
Yesterday we posted the official and unofficial leaders for sacks on opening day—

Chandler Jones had five sacks to move him to the third-most ever for opening day. If you add in Ezra Johnson's 5 in 1978, he'd be tied for third.

Either way, it was an excellent day, one that caused tackle Taylor Lewan to Tweet about it—

 Lewan didn't give up all five sacks but he did get beat a few times so he was really just owning his poor performance rather than making excuses and good for him for doing that.

Jones now had 55.0 sacks over his last 54 games going back to the beginning of 2017. In that time, including today only Aaron Donald's 58.5 has more than Jones.

Additionally, Jones had 2 forced fumbles, giving him 15 since 2017—Only T.J. Watt has more (17) and leaves him tied with Donald a Khalil Mack who both have had 15 fumbles forced over the last 4 years and 1 game. 

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  1. Great game for Jones and bad for Lewan but we will see if Jones and most NFL players, play on a consistent basis without getting hurt or being scratched for mysterious reasons on gameday.
    The days of players showing up every week to play game after game are gone in my opinion ... hopefully, I am wrong.