Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jaguars Show Off New Uniforms

By John Turney

A few weeks ago the Jacksonville Jaguars redesigned their uniforms allowing Nike to design the duds. According to reports on the Internet the new unis are "meant to create a new look and new attitude" for Florida’s youngest NFL franchise. This was a coloration between Nike and the NFL, with Scott Faries as part of the mix. 

Nike Elite 51 is the type of uniform they will be. According to Nike "The design renaissance developed by the Jacksonville Jaguars, the NFL, and Nike, centers around the concept of the American dream and realizing success through hard work, ingenuity, and leadership".

Again, according to Nike's press release, "The uniform is a head-to-toe integrated system of dress with an aggressive, modern design that honors the team’s military fan base and positions the team for the future." 

More from Nike, "The new black uniform features teal and gold accents, making a bold statement from top to bottom. Black represents the true characteristics of a jaguar – a feared predator who hunts with stealth precision. Jaguar claw marks across the shoulders, around the neckline and within the stripe pattern on the pant are placed in an aggressive forward-facing position."

The new uniforms feature a new helmet that are black in the front and fade to gold—symbolizing a jaguar coming out of the shadows.
Correct us if we are wrong, but if the jaguar is coming out of the shadows shouldn't the back of the helmet be black and the front gold?

We think the gradient helmet is iffy, and the number font is terrible. The uniforms are just not good.  Obviously, these things will never be up to us, all we can do is be critics, but if the fans like them, fine. But can these types of things last?

Jaguars owner Shahid Khan called the new design "A piece of art. We're young, we're contemporary and it looks to the future".

Well, he's right. It is the future. For now.

We'll check in around 2019 or so to see if they are still wearing them. You see, a team has to wear a uniform for five years before they can change them.

So, by then we'll see if there is a "new" future and a new "piece of art".

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