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Combined All-Decade Teams—1960s

Things You Can Never Lay Your Hands On
By John Turney

This one takes some explaining. Two sources, the Pro Football Hall of Fame (PFBHOF) and Pro Football Reference (PFR) chose separate NFL and AFL All-Decade teams. However PFBHOF did not choose First- and Second-teams for the NFL, but did so for the AFL, and PFR chose First- and Second-teams for both. Those separate NFL and AFL teams are in italics below the sources that chose combined AFL-NFL All-Decade Teams. Those sources were the Official NFL Team, Pro Football Digest, Pro Football Chronicles, Sunday Mayhem, and Sports Illustrated.

As an editor's note: Pro Football Reference uses a metric known as "Approximate Value" (AV) for their choices. I have been critical of it in the past. The methodology is not known, but there is a component that relates to the team and team success and as such a player like Gary Larsen gets an AV of 16 in 1969 while in that same season Bob Lilly gets a 13.  That, alone, causes a question to the usefulness of the AV metric.

For the chart, players in bold were First-team choices for a Combined All-AFC-NFL or All-Pro Team. Others were All-NFL or All-AFL in their own league but did not rise to the level of All-pro for BOTH leagues.

1960s Combined NFL-AFL All-Decade Teams
First-team Offense Second-team
WR Lance Alworth, SD (NFL, FD, PFC, SM, SI) Don Maynard, NYJ (SM)
Charley Taylor, Was (NFL) Del Shofner, NYG (SM)
Raymond Berry, Bal (FD, SM) Tommy McDonald, Phi-Dal-Cle-LA-ATL (SI)
Otis Taylor, KC (PFC) Bobby Mitchell, Was (SI)
Don Maynard, NYJ (SI)
Lance Alworth, SD (HOF, PFR) Charlie Hennigan, Hou (HOF, PFR)
Don Maynard, NYJ (HOF, PFR) Art Powell, NYT-Oak (HOF, PFR)
Charley Taylor, Was (HOF) Jimmy Orr, Bal (PFR)
Gary Collins, Cle (HOF) Tommy McDonald, 5 teams (PFR)
Del Shofner (HOF)
Boyd Dowler, GB (HOF, PFR)
Bobby Mitchell, Cle-Was (PFR)
TE Mike Ditka, Chi-Phi-Dal (FD, PFC, SM, SI) John Mackey, Bal (SM, SI)
John Mackey, Bal (NFL)
Fred Arbanas, KC (HOF) John Mackey, Bal (PFR)
John Mackey, Bal (HOF) Dave Kocourek, SD (HOF, PFR)
Mike Ditka, (PFR)
Bill Cannon, Hou-Oak (PFR)
T Forrest Gregg, GB (NFL, FD, PFC, SM, SI) Ron Mix, SD (SM)
Ron Mix, SD (NFL, SI) Ralph Neely, Dal (SM)
Jim Tyrer, KC (FD) Roosevelt Brown, NYG (SI)
Bob Brown, Phi-LA (PFC) Bob Brown, Phi-LA (SI)
Forrest Gregg, GB (HOF, PFR) Winston Hill, NYJ (HOF)
Bob Brown, Phi-LA (HOF) Stew Barber, Buf (HOF, PFR)
Ralph Neely, Dal (HOF) Jim Parker, Bal (PFR)
Ron Mix, SD (HOF, PFR) Grady Alderman, Min (PFR)
Jim Tyrer, KC (HOF, PFR) Ernie Wright, SD-Cin (PFR)
Dick Schafrath, Cle (PFR)
G Jerry Kramer, GB (NFL, FD, SM) Gene Hickerson, Cle (SM, SI)
Billy Shaw, Buf (NFL, SM, SI) Howard Mudd, SF (SM)
Jim Parker, Bal (FD, PFC, SM-T, SI) Walt Sweeney, SD (SI)
Gene Hickerson, Cle (PFC)
Bill Shaw, Buf (HOF, PFR) Walt Sweeney, SD (HOF)
Ed Budde, KC (HOF) Bob Talamini, Hou (HOF)
Gene Hickerson, Cle (HOF) Gene Hickerson, Cle (PFR)
Jerry Kramer, (HOF, PFR) Ed Budde, KC (PFR)
Howard Mudd, SF (HOF) Jim Parker, Bal (PFR)
Ken Gray, Stl (PFR) Wayne Hawkins, Oak (PFR)
Bob Talamini, Hou (PFR)
C Jim Otto, Oak (NFL, FD, SI) Jim Otto, Oak (SM)
Jim Ringo, GB-Phi (PFC, SM) Jim Ringo, GB-Phi (SI)
Jim Otto, Oak (HOF, PFR) Jon Morris, Bos (HOF)
Jim Ringo, GB-Phi (HOF, PFR) Mick Tingelhoff, Min (PFR)
Al Bemiller, Den (PFR)
QB Johnny Unitas, Bal (NFL, FD, PFC, SM, SI) Joe Namath, NYJ (SM)
Len Dawson, KC (SI)
Joe Namath, NYJ (HOF) Len Dawson, KC (HOF)
Len Dawson, KC (PFR) Johnny Unitas, Bal (PFR)
Johnny Unitas, Bal (HOF) Jack Kemp, SD-Buf (PFR)
Sonny Jurgensen, Phi-Was (HOF)
Bart Starr, GB (HOF)
Fran Tarkenton, Min-NYG (PFR)
RB Gale Sayers, Chi (NFL, FD, PFC, SM, SI) Paul Hornung, GB (SM)
Paul Hornung, GB (NFL) Lenny Moore, Bal (SI)
FB Jim Brown, Cle (NFL, FD, PFC, SM, SI) Jim Taylor, GB (SM, SI)
Jim Taylor, GB (FD)
Paul Lowe, SD (HOF) Abner Haynes, KC-Den (HOF)
Clem Daniels, Oak (HOF, PFR) Cookie Gilchrist, Buf-Den (HOF)
Jim Brown, Cle (HOF, PFR) Keith Lincoln, SD (PFR)
Jim Taylor, GB (HOF, PFR) Curtis McClinton, KC (PFR)
Gale Sayers, Chi (HOF) Don Perkins, Dal (PFR)
Paul Hornung, GB (HOF) Timmy Brown, Phi (PFR)
Leroy Kelly, Cle (HOF)
Abner Haynes, KC-Den (PFR)
John David Crow, Stl-SF (HOF)
K Jim Bakken, StL (NFL) Jim Bakken, StL (SM, SI)
Jan Stenerud, KC (PFC, SI)
George Blanda, Hou-Oak (SM)
Jim Bakken, Stl (HOF) Jim Turner, NYJ (HOF)
George Blanda, Hou-Oak (HOF)
First-team Defense Second-team
DE Deacon Jones, LA (NFL, FD, PFC, SM, SI) Willie Davis, GB (SM, SI)
Willie Davis, GB (NFL, FD, PFC) Jim Katcavage, NYG (SM)
Doug Atkins, Chi-NO (SM) Gino Marchetti, Bal (SI)
Rich Jackson, Den (SI)
Deacon Jones, LA (HOF, PFR) Rich Jackson, Den (HOF)
Willie Davis, GB (HOF, PFR) Ron McDole, Buf (HOF)
Doug Atkins, Chi-NO (HOF) Doug Atkins, Chi-NO (PFR)
Jerry Mays, KC (HOF) Jim Marshall, Min (PFR)
Gerry Philbin, NYJ (HOF) Larry Eisenhauer, Bos (PFR)
Bob Dee, Bos (PFR)
DT Bob Lilly, Dal (NFL, FD, PFC, SM, SI) Alex Karras, Det (SM, SI)
Merlin Olsen, LA (NFL, PFC, SM, SI) Henry Jordan, GB (SM)
Alex Karras, Det (FD) Houston Antwine, Bos (SI)
Bob Lilly, Dal (HOF) Buck Buchanan, KC (HOF)
Merlin Olsen, LA (HOF) Tom Keating, Oak (HOF)
Alex Karras, Det (HOF, PFR) Bob Lilly, Dal (PFR)
Tom Sestak, Buf (HOF) Jim Hunt, Bos (PFR)
Houston Antwine, Bos (HOF, PFR) Tom Sestak, Buf (PFR)
Buck Buchanan, KC (PFR) Roger Brown, Det-LA (PFR)
Henry Jordan, GB (PFR)
MLB Ray Nitschke, GB (NFL, FD, SM) Nick Buoniconti, Bos-Mia (SM)
Dick Butkus, Chi (NFL, FD, PFC, SM, SI) Ray Nitschke, GB (SI)
Tommy Nobis, Atl (SM)
Ray Nitschke, GB (HOF, PFR) E.J. Holub, KC (PFR)
Dick Butkus, Chi (HOF)
Tommy Nobis, Atl (HOF)
Nick Buoniconti, Bos-Mia (HOF, PFR)
Sherrill Headrick, KC (PFR)
OLB Bobby Bell, KC (NFL, FD, PFC) Bobby Bell, KC (SM, SI)
Chuck Howley, Dal (PFC, SI) Chuck Howley, Dal (SM)
Dave Wilcox, SF (SI) Dave Robinson, GB (SI)
Dave Robinson, GB (HOF) Mike Stratton, Buf (HOF, PFR)
Larry Morris, Chi-Atl (HOF) Dan Conners, Oak (HOF)
Bobby Bell, KC (HOF) Larry Grantham, NYJ (HOF)
George Webster, Hou (HOF) Bobby Bell, KC (PFR)
Wayne Walker, Det (PFR) Don Shinnick, Bal (PFR)
Larry Grantham, NYJ (PFR) Chuck Howley, Dal (PFR)
Joe Fortunato, Chi (PFR)
CB Herb Adderly, GB (NFL, FD, PFC, SM) Bob Boyd, Bal (SM)
Willie Brown, Den-Oak (NFL, PFC, SI) Dave Grayson, KC-Oak (SM)
Mel Renfro, Dal (FD) Herb Adderly, GB (SI)
Jimmy Johnson, SF (SI) Night Train Lane, Det (SI)
Herb Adderly, GB (HOF, PFR) Butch Byrd, Buf (HOF)
Lem Barney, Det (HOF) Miller Farr, Hou (HOF)
Bob Boyd, Bal (HOF, PFR) Dick LeBeau, Det (PFR)
Willie Brown, Den-Oak (HOF) Fred Williamson, Oak-KC (PFR)
Dave Grayson, KC-Oak (HOF, PFR) Cornell Green, Dal (PFR)
Butch Byrd, Buf (PFR) Willie Brown, Den-Oak (PFR)
S Larry Wilson, StL (NFL, FD, PFC, SM, SI) Johnny Robinson, KC (SM, SI)
Johnny Robinson, KC (NFL) Paul Krause, Was-Min (SM)
Willie Wood, GB (FD, PFC, SM) Willie Wood, GB (SI)
Eddie Meador, LA (SM)
Ritchie Petitbon, Chi-LA (SI)

Johnny Robinson, KC (HOF, PFR) Goose Gonsoulin, Den (HOF)
George Saimes, Buf (HOF) Kenny Graham, SD (HOF)
Willie Wood, GB (HOF, PFR) George Saimes, Buf (PFR)
Eddie Meador, LA (HOF, PFR) Larry Wilson, StL (PFR)
Larry Wilson, StL (HOF) Ritchie Petitbon, Chi-LA (PFR)
Bobby Hunt, KC-Cin (PFR) Jim Norton, Hou (PFR)
P Don Chandler, GN (NFL, SM) Jerrell Wilson, KC (SM)
Yale Lary, Det (PFC) Yale Lary, Det (SI)
Tommy Davis, SF (SI)
Don Chandler, GN (HOF) Bob Scarpitto, Den (HOF)
Jerrell Wilson, KC (HOF)
KR Travis Williams, GB (PFC)
PR Leroy Kelly, Cle (PFC)
ST Dave Meggysey, Stl (PFC)
Coach Vince Lombardi, GB (PFC, SM) Blanton Collier, Cle (SM)
Weeb Ewbank, NYJ (HOF) Sid Gillman, SD (HOF)
Sources and key: NFL = Official NFL All-Decade; FD = Pro Football Digest;
PFC = Pro Football Chronicle; SM = Sunday Mayhem
HOF = Pro Football Hall of Fame; PFR = Pro Football


  1. This was the greatest combined all decade team ever assembled of professional football players. All are legends of the game and all are Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees. This was truly the "Golden Team of the Sixties" as voted by the selectors of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.