Friday, June 5, 2015

Archie Manning Facemasks

By John Turney

In the 1970s and early 1980s, every time the Saints were on TV (not often) or on Monday Night Football halftime highlights it seems Archie Manning was wearing a different mask than the time before. As someone who followed these things it caused us to speculate why but we never could figure it out but it was interesting nonetheless. 

Here are the ones we can find. Our count is thirteen, plus the ones he wore in Houston and Minnesota. The dates are not estimates but sometimes he wore more than one mask in the same year. We will attempt to nail down the dates as time goes on.

Riddell 210 single bar (1973, 1975)

Riddell 220 two-bar

Dungard 207 (1972)

Dungard 205 (1977-79)

Riddell OPO (1980)

1970 Schutt OPO (1971)

1968 Schutt OPO Square  (1971)

1966 Schutt 720 OPO (1974)

Schutt NJOP-DW (1980, one game)

Schutt ROPO (1981)

Schutt ROPO

Schutt R-EGOP-DW (1979)

Schutt ROPO-DW (1979)


Schutt ROPO Eye Glasses-DW (1980)

 Schutt ROPO (1982-83)

Schutt ROPO (1984)

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