Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mel Renfro Wears Two Uniform Numbers In the Same Game

 By John Turney

In 1967, against the Baltimore Colts in Week 12,  Mel Renfro wore two uniform numbers—#20 and #44. In the first half, he got his uniform covered in mud and he changed jerseys to #44 and wore it throughout the rest of the game.

Here are some shots:
Renfro making a tackle in #20

Another tackle in uniform #20

Renfro sliding on his back in a mud puddle.

Renfro sitting up in the mud

Renfro covered in mud

Renfro picks off his first pass. He's in #44.  

Getting tackled after the interception.

Renfro on the end-of-game goal line stand

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