Friday, November 27, 2015

Carson Palmer's Last 16 Games: MVP Worthy?

by John Turney

Carson Palmer had injury issues in 2014 and was only able to play 16 games, but over that time he was putting up MVP-type numbers. Those, added to the 10 games he's played this year are not only impressive but also top Palmer's personal best over any 16-game stretch in his career.

From games 32 through 47 of Palmer's career, which covered parts of 2006 and 2007 Palmer's stat line was:  340/543  62.6%;  4151 yards;  34 touchdowns and 13 interceptions for a passer rating of 97.0

That was his now, third best effort over 16 games.

His second-best was in 2004 and 2005, from games 11 through 26 he did even better. Over than 16-game span his stat line was 356/515  69.1% 4077 yards with 36 touchdowns and 13 picks for a passer rating of 105.5. And he also was able to compile a 12-4 W-L record during that stretch.

From the beginning of the 2014 season through last Sunday, Palmer has been on more of a tear than in those excellent stretches in Cincinnati. In the most recent 16 games Palmer has compiled a 14-2 W-L record to go with his 358/563  63.6%;   4692 yards;  38 touchdowns and 12 picks for a passer rating of 103.4,

Needless to say, if he can muster in the final six games of 2015 what he did in the first six of 2014, Palmer has to be in the conversation for MVP and NFL Offensive Player of the Year. With Tom Brady and Cam Newton mentioned most, it will be stiff competition, but the issue is far from settled. The 2015 MVP will have to excel of the final six weeks to seal the deal.

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