Thursday, April 7, 2016

Y.A. Tittle Isn't Having Any of That Fortrel Junk Like Johnny U. Preferred

By John Turney

Johnny Unitas liked Marlboro shirts with Fortel. Tittle, obviously hated it because he preferred Kodel polyester mixed with cotton. Apparently, Fortrel was just too much polyester.

And Y.A. sure makes it look good, and the "Mantrim" tailoring doesn't hurt, either! The Ad below looks like it is right out of Season One of Mad Men. Word on the street is that Tittle wanted to take those white Riddells and wear them, beating Joe Namath to the punch, but Manhatten Shirts wouldn't allow props to be taken from the shoot.

Huh-huh  huh-huh. You said "Mantrim".

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