Monday, June 20, 2016

1968 Associated Press AFL and NFL Players of the Week


Complete Lists
By John Turney

Like the 1967  the AP Players of the Week were complete. It is a very interesting list of players with a few lesser-known players mixed in with the stars of the day.

We do have one caveat and it is this: in Week 4 we are not 100% sure that the AP Defensive Player of the Week is Maxie Baughan. The article we have is not clear if it is the AP award or if it is another Player of the Week Award. If some researcher or fan has information that would clear it up, we'd be grateful since we've never found a clear, specific article for that particular week.

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In Week 12 the entire Colts defense was honored, which represented a first, though in 1967 the Fearsome Foursome was honored as a unit. 

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