Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fran Tarkenton's Broken Leg Just as Grotesque as Theismann's

By John Turney

When Lawrence Taylor sacked Joe Theismann in 1985 and caused a compound fracture in Theismann's leg it was a major event. It was replayed over and over and really, it still is.

However, it shows what a stage the Monday Night Football provides for the great and the grotesque. In 1977 Gary Burley sacked Fran Tarkenton and it also resulted in the same type of fracture, but it didn't get nearly the airplay, likely due to it not occurring on MNF.

Under the player in the orange helmet is Tarkenton and you can see the terrible angle his lower leg takes as Burley's weight applies pressure.

To both, all we can say is, "Yikes!". 


  1. Remember, though, Mr. Fran Tarkenton healed-up & in 1978 had probably his best statistical season (his final season).

    1. Theismann never played again.

    2. I remember when Joe's leg was broke but I didn't remember Lawrence Taylor.