Wednesday, December 14, 2022

2022 Run/Pass Stuffs Leaders

 By Nick Webster 
Christian Wilkins
Run/Pass Stuffs are individual tackles behind the line of scrimmage, excluding sacks. They do not include plays for no gain but do include forced fumbles on those plays. 

The TFL (Tackles for loss) stat used by the NFL/NFLGSIS does not include forced fumbles and only counts solo and lead tackles, not assisted tackles.

Our stat includes assists which is the way Stats, LLC (not called Stats Perform) scored them from 1992-2020. However, we add in pass plays that go for a loss, which Stats does not. In 2021 Stats added in plays for no gain and we did not adopt that practice.

We think this best captures the "splash plays" involved behind the line of scrimmage. One can easily add sacks in for Sacks+Stuffs. The NFL's TFLs exclude forced fumbles and as mentioned do not include assisted tackles or half-sacks.

That said, here are the leaders through week 14 of the 2022 season—


  1. From Brian wolf ...

    Not surprised David is on the list but figured Parsons or Judon would be on the list as well ...

    1. Parsons was among the leaders last year but not in 22, Judons never been a stuff guy. Many great pass rushers end up on this list but some sell out for sacks and don't get stuffs or aren't stout enough to hold up in the running game - think Elvis Dumervil, the year he had his 17 sacks he had NO stuffs and only had 11 on his career 1/10th the number of sacks. Conversely Michael Strahan or JJ Watt are extremely balanced.

    2. Thanks Nick ...
      Accolades wise, do you feel David gets a raw deal from All-Pro voters ?

    3. Absolutely a raw deal. Now he hindered by two things, one he was frequently the 2nd, 3rd or 4th best in the league while others rotated through as being best Kuechley, Wagner, etc. Two his superpower is pass coverage which is something that's just not noticed for off the ball LB's.

  2. Thanks ...
    Speaking of splash plays, it will be interesting to see what Aaron Donalds brings his last four games of the season for the Rams?
    This year is his lowest season sack total since 2016.

  3. Frankie "the Cobra" Luvu is a beast and has really blossomed this year....thoughts Nick?

  4. Really the first time he's been given a chance, was good in spot play for the Jets and is performing well as a starter. At this point I'd say he's solid but there are better ones out there.