Tuesday, January 10, 2023


By TJ  Troup 
Probably should address the title of this narrative first? Since the wild card began in 1970 there has been at least one victory by a road team each and every playoff season. So, how about some comments/choices as to which team you view as a team strong enough to continue the trend? 
Though it is easy to praise friends, gonna do it anyway. Clark Judge does a fantastic job with his comments and evaluations, and Eric Goska continues to amaze with the depth of his knowledge of his Packers. Some years it is just damn difficult to select who is All-Pro at some of the positions, yet John Turney not only takes on the challenge, he succeeds. 

Years ago, would hear from Dr. Z concerning his column, as he was about to choose his All-Pro safeties. This position is by far the most challenging, simply because we usually cannot see their initial alignment, and we sure don't know what area or man they are responsible for? John Turney gave his reasons, and as such, trust his judgment. 

Would have been so much easier if James and Simmons were healthy for all seventeen, and played to their usual capability . . . they are both elite and you can check all the boxes on why. Though he is not an All-Pro, the spirited play of Josey Jewell caught my eye this past season, and every time Denver was on, watched with glee at his energy, and his combative nature. 

Yes, he is "generally being a menace". Black Monday is one of those days that are just not enjoyable, but like the guy waiting to see that the lights coming at him in the tunnel is an oncoming locomotive----always read about who is now unemployed. 
Josh McDaniels
Will any of them get another chance down the road? McDaniels got another chance, and no one is sure how well that will turn out. Again, will ask for thoughts, and the names of the men who you believe should get an opportunity to be a head coach in the NFL. There are many long-time assistants who would relish the chance, and have been passed over, are some of them finally gonna get an opportunity? 

 My thoughts during the Sunday night game between the Lions and Packers began with unanswered questions; are the Lions resilient enough, and capable of beating the Packers on the grass at night in Wisconsin? 

Will Mr. Rodgers leave the neighborhood, and find a new cardigan sweater somewhere else? Will end on a historical note, gee . . . never done that before? 

On January 8th, 1983, the Packers beat the Cardinals in the first round of the tournament, while on January 8th, 1994, the Packers had fallen behind Detroit in Pontiac. The game was chock full of twists, turns, and big plays. 
Barry Sanders kept the crowd cheering with his unique ability to gain yards, and make defenders miss tackles, and the Lions lead 24-21. 

Less than a minute remains when Brett Favre escapes to his left and unleashes a rocket across the field to the end zone to Sterling Sharpe for the winning touchdown (his third of the game). 

Thought well, Green Bay always wins at home on January 8th. Nope, not this time.

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  1. From Brian wolf ...

    If the other LA team is going to make noise, its starts in Jacksonville. That is my road winner with the Chargers.
    Though they are at home, I think the Bucs will upset Dallas.

    Wild Card Predictions

    LA ... saturday

    Cinc ... sunday

    TB ... monday(please get rid of a MNP)

    The saturday games will be good, matchup wise but with Tua and probably Jackson out sunday, only the Giants-Vikes game may be close ?

    After looking terrible against Detroit that gave the Lions the division title in 1993, Favre made up for it in the WC game the very next week, throwing rocket-balls to Sterling Sharpe in a great game that rocked the old, Pontiac Silverdome.