Sunday, June 18, 2017

Reggie Williams' Career Stats

By John Turney

We've recently featured some NFL linebackers who didn't get a lot of Pro Bowl invitations (if any) yeat were very good at their job over a long period of time.

Reggie Williams was a fine player, a team leader an all-around good guy from 1976-89 for the Bengals. He was All-Rookie in 1976 and was the NFL Man of the Year in 1986 but nothing else.

He was able to play well at right outside linebacker in both a 4-3 and a 3-4 scheme and was a fine pass rusher, could cover and was a solid tackler along the way.

In 1981 Williams intercepted 4 passes and had 11 sacks, (though unofficial). Sacks became official in 1982 and for players with four or more interceptions in a season the highest sack total for any of them is nine. So, it was a special season that showed he could get picks in coverage and

He played in both Bengals Super Bowl visits and was part of the NFL's top defense in 1983.

Here are his career stats—

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