Monday, February 8, 2021

The Tackle Source Issue Again

 By John Turney 

Today's entry is the Dolphins and Zach Thomas. Thomas signed with the Dallas cowboys in 2008 and here is the 2008 Media Guide entry for his career statistics plus the 20o8 tackle totals by the coaches. 

The 1,866 tackle total was what the Dallas PR department got from the Miami PR department and when the 2008 total of 177 is added to the 1,866 it comes to 2,043.
We use gamebooks or "play-by-plays" and add also add a column for "stuffs" and our career total is 1,727 total tackles, some 316 less than the totals found in the 2008 and 2009 Cowboys Media Guides. 
So, once again, when looking at NFL defensive stats like tackles, tackles for loss, pressure,s hurries and so on, just be aware of the source and how they do their totals. It does make a difference.

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