Monday, January 23, 2017

Football News' Man of the Year Awards

Complete Lists
By John Turney
In the 1970s the publication Football News chose a "Man of the Year" to represent the football person who was most effective that season. It was more akin to an Executive/Owner of the Year-type award since it was based on effectiveness in football decisions that led to on-the-field success, but there were exceptions, with the first one going to ABC's Roone Arledge and the 1977 award went to Pete Rozelle.

Here is the cover of the issue that named Art Rooney the 1978 Man of the Year.

The 1978 Award was the final one that Football News gave. Here is the complete list:
1969 - Roone Arledge, ACB-TV
1970 - Jim Finks, Minnesota Vikings
1971 - Joe Robbie, Miami Dolphins
1972 - Dan Devine, Green Bay Packers
1973 - Ralph Wilson, Buffalo Bills
1974 - Don Canham, University of Michigan Athletic Director
1975 - Joe Thomas, Baltimore Colts
1976 - Chuck Fairbanks, New England Patriots
1977 - Pete Rozelle, National Football League Commissioner
1978 - Art Rooney, Pittsburgh Steelers

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