Sunday, March 1, 2020

Fan Runs on Field, Rams at Falcons 1983 (Mike Curtis Hits a Fan—Part 2)

By John Turney

Likely because neither NFL Films nor ABC caught great footage of this event, it was not as well known as the Mike Curtis hit on a fan LINK which is NFL folklore it is still a nice little addendum to the Curtis hit. 



  1. I like the fight in Oakland after the 1974 "Sea of Hands" game after the Dolphins lost. Some Raider fan started a fight with Manny Fernandez and ended up taking on three Dolphins ... a tough, but liquored up SOB ...

  2. I remember that Curtis hit like it was yesterday, a serious Colts (Baltimore only!) fan watching that game on tv personal favorite "fan participation" moment of course is the 1961 Patriots-Broncos game where the guy runs onto the field actually lines up as (more or less) a linebacker and possibly gets a hand on the ball in breaking up the incomplete pass....then sneaks back into the crowd and nobody seems to notice!.....

    1. I know this will sound crazy, but that play, where the fan comes out, reads Cotton Davidsons eyes, and deflects the ball from getting to Texans receiver Chris Burford ... is why a lot of wide receivers are stars ... the networks and Vegas, dont want defences taking away or shutting down a star player ... it would hurt the bottom line. (Referring to Texans/Patriots game)