Friday, February 20, 2015

A Look Back - Photo Colorizations

by John Turney

As a hobby, I have been colorizing old football photos to bring them to life, but mostly for my own enjoyment. These colorizations have been featured on various website on the Internet. One in particular was very kind in their reviews.

Todd Tobias runs the website Tales From the American Football League -which  is fantastic in its coverage of the AFL. He featured some of my work for his readers. Click here to take a peak.

Here is one:
colorization by John Turney

And another:
colorization by John Turney

In 2012 my father suffered a very serious stroke and as a result had a lengthy hospital stay. During this time, as a coping mechanism, I could really only do a couple of things, play computer chess and colorize photos. It took my mind off of the serious nature of his illness. As a result, I became proficient in doing these colorizations. After consulting with an expert in copyright laws, I understood that it was fine for me to do these and publish them as "derivative art" with my own copyright.After having done a lot of research counting sacks, forced fumbles and other things, this became a right-brain balance that I likely needed. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did in making them.


  1. Would have thought they had colorization by this time. what amazes me is Joe Willie's vertical leap. Did you photo shop OUT the trampoline!!