Sunday, April 25, 2021

Another Day Another Excellent Player Gone Too Soon—Mike Davis

 By John Turney 
Word over the modern transom—the Internet is that sadly, former Raider safety Mike Davis has passed away at the age of 65. reported that he is survived by "Mary, Mike Jr., and Allen." and that "Mike will forever be in our hearts and minds." No cause of death has been announced.

Davis played for the Raiders from 1978 through 1985 and then for the Chargers in 1987. In 1986 he was on injured reserve for the Raiders. 

Oakland Raiders drafted Davis in the 2nd round (35th overall) of the 1977 NFL Draft out of the University of Colorado where he was named an NEA All-American.

Davis is best known for an interception a playoff win at Cleveland on Jan. 4, 198, that propelled the Raiders to the AFC Championship game and then a Super Bowl win in New Orleans.

Davis was the Raiders third safety in 1978 and in 1979 earned the starting strong safety position and held it through 1985 with the exception of 1981 when he broke an ankle.

In 1985 he had a knee injury and that held him out of the 1986 season and an Achilles injury that led to his release in 1987 and at midseason, he was signed by the Chargers as a reserve safety.

At the time Davis was cut by the Raiders in 1987 he opined that it was more of his union participation and vocal leadership in the NFLPA players strike that year than his play on the field. The raiders denied it but Davis told the Los Angeles Times that it would be "foolish" to not have questions. Regardless, he was done as a Raider.
In addition to his regular-season statistics, Davis played in 11 playoff games with three picks and six sacks and has two Super Bowl rings to his credit. 
Davis never received any post-season honors in his career, though 1980 and 1984 certainly would qualify however it was a strong era for safeties and therefore difficult to make Pro Bowls or All-Pro but he did lead NFL safeties in sacks in 1984 with 5½.

R.I.P. Mr. Davis. 

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  1. A great hitter as well. Played well in the 83/84 SB vs Washington. A great interception against Sipe in the 80/81 playoffs ...