Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Broncos' "Snowcapped" White Helmets Revealed

 By John Turney 
More uniform news this week. The Denver Broncos announce they will wear a white alternate helmet as part of their kits this year. It will be paired with orange jerseys and pants and both orange and white socks are shown in the promo video.

They are calling it their "Snowcapped" helmet. Uniform aficionados often refer to white helmets as "icy" especially when the helmet and uniform, including socks, are white. That is not the case here. 

It's fine but nothing spectacular. 

There is no historic element to it, it's not a throwback in any way. The jersey and the pants kind of are, they wore this orange jersey for years and wore orange pants in some years but never together as they do now. 

However, now the blue for the throwback or "snowy" lid is navy, not royal the traditional Broncos color of blue. 

Here is the lid—
And some shots—

The reviews are mixed. One commenter on Twitter said they couldn't believe a quarterback bad as Russell Wilson will have such a cool helmet. Another said to give him throwbacks not a white helmet no one asked for. 

That's how we see it. 

Give it a C+. Nothing terrific, nothing offensive.


  1. Not bad. I would grade the helmet myself as “B” That’s saying a lot, given I’m a Raiders fan!

  2. BW ...

    Russell Wilson will bounce back this year but the team still needs playmakers.

    It would be cool for Denver to do their 60s jerseys with the orange helmet with the Bustin Bronco on it ...

  3. "....not royal the traditional Broncos color of blue...."...there are a (probably very) few of us who will forever consider the "traditional Broncos color(s)" brown and old/dirty gold.

  4. From Brian wolf ...

    Speaking of helmet, uniform changes, the Commanders might get a new name in the future and some panel members on the Judge And Jury segment on TOFTWO came up with Pigskins ...
    Haha, it makes sense considering most senators are rich pigs, the team association with the "Hogs" and using the skins part of their former name. I agree with Clark Judge though, no reason they cant share the Senators name with the baseball team. At least no one is suggesting the Washington Wokes, or The Washington Special Interests!